Our Modalities


Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

A 3000 year old medical system based on using fine needles along twelve primary and eight extraordinary meridian flow-lines in the body.  In the mid-1990’s National Institute of Health did the first in depth study on the effectiveness of acupuncture. It was found that acupuncture was most effective in the treatment of pain conditions., (depending on one’s preference it is possible to have acupressure or acutonics in place of having acupuncture needles). In addition, the use of moxa, cupping, dui-na/ hands-on and guasha techniques are incorporated when needed within a Bending Bamboo session.


Western Physical Medicine

Gentle electro-stimulation,  low-level laser, far-infrared heat,  hot stones, pelvic blocking technique and muscle energy techniques are provided when necessary within Bending Bamboo treatments.


Cranial-Sacral Technique

A gentle hands-on balancing method that can be effective in balancing the cranium and sacrum in relation to the spine.  This procedural method is made possible thru the osteopathic field for use in nursing, chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy, naturopathic and acupuncture professions. In a Bending Bamboo session cranial-sacral technique is used in tan-dem with other modalities to increase overall effectiveness.


Manual Therapies

  • Acupressure: involves applying gentle to strong pressure to acu-points until the point begins to pulse w/ smooth consistency.

  • Dui-na: utilizes many hands-on tissue-releasing methods: compressions, twisting,  pulsation, stretch-releases, and sustained holds etc. to increase circulation and decongest painful tissue.

  • Guasha is a method of scraping the skin, either gently or aggressively, over acu-points to release heat or inflamation and activate energy flow.

  • Cupping uses clear glass or plastic suction cups.  A small hand pump attaches to the cups enabling a regulated amount of suction at a point.  The sensation of suction and the gliding of the cup over lubricated skin is one that increases blood flow and re-leases lactic acid residue.

Therapeutic touch is part of all Bending Bamboo sessions.


Quantum Biofeedback

A frequency specific device similar to homeopathy in that there is a database of frequencies of both eastern & western botanical/nutritional remedies.  As w/all biofeedback these frequencies are delivered thru electro-dermal contact on the skin, as a catalyst toward improving health. This is, usually, combined in a Bending Bamboo treatment with acupuncture to support deeper relaxation.


Nutritional Support

Utilizing comprehensive, medical laboratory, blood chemistry review to identify deficiency or excess.  Setting up a specific nutritional program follows this review. This is a stand alone appointment that may lead to other methods, or a possible referral to a specialist.


Bemer Energy Systems

A technology developed into a therapeutic mat and various small devices that emanate a subtle electromagnetic waves that enhance circulation.


Tai Chi/Dragon Body Chi Gong

A martial art and daoist yoga for health & balance. These forms invoke balance and grace, and at the same time require strength & endurance.