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Testimonial: Monika

I am a psychologist, astrologer and Jungian Analyst. Aaron is my top referral for people in need of body/psyche restoration. His innate wisdom along with all the modalities he has integrated into his sessions make him very rare as a healer. Acupuncture, acutonics, craniosacral, manual manipulation, far-infrared, hot stones and bio-feedback instruments are among the tools he has available to set the course for the body/psyche to heal. His sound healing and shamanic music allow for a deep inward relaxation. I have sought healing from Aaron for over 15 years. His work literally helped me back into life when post-surgery, a digestive problem turned into a deadly syndrome. On the edge of dying, he helped restore the deep yin of my body which activated the parasympathetic digestive function. Because of his professional dance background, training as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and deep study of Tai Chi, he is in my mind an Advanced Daoist Practitioner. Aaron’s work is a genuine gift to this community.

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