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Testimonial: Lee

Back in the early 90’s, I threw my back out dancing and could barely stand up. A friend referred me to Aaron and after 2 treatments, I was completely pain free and back on the dance floor! Over the next 25 plus years, I’ve seen Aaron for a wide variety of health challenges which he’s treated with everything from manual modalities to acupuncture and much more. Whether I’m injured or just need a periodic tune-up, I always leave feeling better!

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Testimonial: Dyan

Aaron has been there whenever I’ve needed him for 15 years by providing truly outstanding acupuncture, manual therapies and herbal remedies. He’s helped me heal from the trauma of repeated automobile accidents, major surgeries and various sports related accidents. He brings a winning combination of many modalities, all of which I’ve needed! He is a trusted provider of some of the most exceptional manual therapy I’ve ever received over the decades.

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