Recovery in Muscular, Joint and Spinal Pain

Every time we sustain an injury, our body establishes a dialog with our central nervous system signaling the alarm that there’s pain going on. Even while we’re sleeping, there’s recognition in the high cortex of the brain that something is not right. One of the keys to optimal tissue recovery and healing is deep relaxation. But when you’re in pain, that’s very difficult to achieve.

In my practice, I combine cranial sacral work with acupuncture to facilitate the deep dropping beneath the pain level with the goal of reaching what is known as stillpoint. This technique is used to help shift the central nervous system from its usual state of alertness to one of calmness, enabling the body to enter a state of deep rest and self-correcting activity.

During deep sleep, our body resets our immune system. In stillpoint, the natural rhythm that is always occurring within the craniosacral system eases into a therapeutic standstill. This results in the reduction of symptomatic conditions, such as pain, and provides greater wellbeing.

Think of the times you’ve had a headache or some inflammation from a bruise, taken some Tylenol before going to bed, and awakened feeling better. This is an example of the central nervous system resetting itself by going into stillpoint.

My goal is to teach you how to relax to the point where you can drop into stillpoint yourself, without having to take drugs. The more we work together, the easier this will become, and the faster you’ll be able to recover from your symptoms.

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